Best PSU for 2x R9 270x GPU's/AMD FX-8350

Out of these:
Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P -$139 (Pccasegear)

Antec High Current Gamer 750W Modular HCG-750M -$159 (Pccasegear)

Silverstone Strider Gold 750W ST75F-GS -$149 (Pccasegear)

Which one will be the most reliable?
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  1. Best answer
    Antec one.
  2. Id say the gold one. Silverstone gold.
  3. deathcall666 said:
    Id say the gold one. Silverstone gold.

    Just because its gold,it doesnt mean its the best.Antec makes great PSUs,so does Seasonic and XFX
  4. I'm going with the antec, i prefer reliability over efficiency.
  5. Good choice
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