Two PSU's; One of which is a 'newer' version. Which to go for?
This one above is the newer PSU.
This is the "older one".

For reference to my build below, which one should I get? (I'm also on a tight budget since I've bought almost all my parts)
Thanks in advance!
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    Both units are made by Fortron Source Group and have the same 12v rails but the newer model is less expensive and features a 5 year warranty as opposed to the 3 year warranty of the older model (I think it makes the choice easy). I found no legitimate reviews for either unit.
  2. Gotcha.
    So...It's compatible with my build (no conflicts since it is technically the same item, right?)
  3. Yep, I wouldn't expect any problems running that PSU but, something to note about EVGA's lineup of PSU's, none specify whether they are Haswell ready (can handle the low power states of Haswell). Judging by some of the units they have that are based on platforms that I know are Haswell ready, I think they intentionally omit that information (I honestly don't know why that is)
  4. Thanks a lot!
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