Will i7 960 bottleneck 2 r9 290 crossfire??

I am planning to upgrade my pc to play games at 4k resolutions at decent framerates. Thanks to the 'affordable' 4k monitors which got out recently

My specs are :
-i7 960 oc'ed to 4.0 ghz (Noctua nh-u14s)
-Asus rampage iii formula x58 mobo
-6 gb of ram (forgot the details)
-HIS R9 290 iceqx2 (clocked at 1000/1350)
-(future upgrade) Corsair RM1000 1000 watt PSU 80+ gold
-Cooler Master Storm Trooper (spacious case)
-3 Tb harddrive

I'm going to buy another r9 290. My concern is will my old trusty i7 960 seriously bottleneck the potentials of the 2 r9 290s?
So you think it's better adding a second gpu or invest in new cpu and mobo first?
I'm not an expert in overclocking so ocing my i7 past 4 ghz gives me problems I cant seem to understand
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  1. No, it shouldn't be a problem. They should all play nice together.
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    I Don't think so that you're gonna face any bottleneck or performance difference in terms of gaming if you use 2x R9 290's with current processor. It's still a better option. I know some guys who own 2x 780Ti with Core i7 920 and they don't have any problem what so ever. You won't see any perf difference unless you go for Cine-bench benchmarking or rendering but believe me it's not that big.
  3. All right thanks a lot for the answers guys.
    Now I'm far more convinced to buy another and try 4k gaming!
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