Want to upgrade something but don't know what?

I currently have a
i5 4670
Asus z87a
Palit GeForce 770 2gb
8gb hyper beast 2400mhz x.m.p
120gb hyperx 3k ssd
Triple copper heat pipe cooler

If you could upgrade which would it be?

thank you
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  1. Upgrade your GPU to a 780 or 780ti :D.
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    I wouldn't upgrade anything, unless you use NVidia triple monitor surround then get a gtx 780 or 780 ti. If not then just leave it.

    But if you must upgrade, then get an intel core i5 4690K or i7 4790K and a Z97 Maximus VII Hero or what ever motherboard that is Z97 you choose.
  3. In what way does your current rig not do the job?

    If you have the itch to buy something, I might suggest a 2560 x 1440 monitor for gaming and keep your other as a side monitor.
  4. The only upgrade I would suggest would be to an EVGA GTX 780 SC w/ ACX Looking at your current setup, the only thing that would help gaming performance would be to push more frames at a consistent rate.

    If you really want to upgrade then get the 780 but your current setup should be fine for a 1080p 60hz monitor.
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