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Lately I've bought a brand new antec one case. I had in mind a sapphire r9 270x because it what fits the case. Today my friend sent me a deal for a brand new sapphire r9 290 4gb oc. I figured it won't fit since it's 10.9 inch and my case supports 10.5, but after looking online I've seen a few people fitting a sapphire hd5870 1gb. After a bit of research I found out that card is 11.14 inch (correct me if I'm wrong please). So should I go for it? Worst case I can mod the case.
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    Take a ruler and measure it. The case, as you said, fits a graphics card up to 10.5" or 266mm.

    See Antec's website.

    If it doesn't fit and your case hasn't arrived yet, just order a new case and refused the shipment of your Antec One. It'll go back and you can get a refund.
  2. Right now I do have the case, but not the gpu. After calculating the space between the tip of the cage to the removable plates and it turns out to be just more than 280mm.
    The r9 290 is 10.9 which is 276.86 so I guess it would be just enough. Thanks for the tip!
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