is there a better option than cintiq-companion

hi im a starving artist and im thinking to buy an cintiq-companion but its so expensive really want it but i just can't justify its price and i need something that portable for any suggestion (im not sure if this is the right place to ask this kind of question here cuz tom's is about pc and please if any of you know any website thats like toms but for thes kind of questions please tell me
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    The Cintiq Companion is too expensive for what it offers (in my opinion). You could buy a graphics tablet and a regular tablet and be much better off. The Cintiq 13HD is a better bet for less, and even an Intuos Pro Large would do the trick.
  2. but i need something thats portable in one package
  3. You're sort of stuck with the Cintiq Companion, then. I do not know of any product at the professional caliber that rivals the Cintiq...unless you're looking into more amateurish solutions like pencil by fifty three.
  4. i want to start my own manga series and i want to take my art series lee .so i m not sure really but i heard that the surface pro is good option
  5. Are you a professional? If so, you are stuck with the Cintiq, but if you are not at the professional level, the S pen, pencil by fifty three, or surface pro 3 stylus are sufficient. Why are you in need of an all-in-one package?
  6. i'm busy with work and and family so i'm not at home a lot and i plan to use the taplet at my free time at work and other times as will
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