Asus NVidia Geforce GTX 670 causing distorted BIOS screen

I have an Asus NVidia GTX 670 card installed on an Asus P8Z77-V Premium MB. Since I installed the card I have experienced extreme snow/color distortion on the BIOS screen which clears up as soon as it boots to the OS. I had a Radeon graphics card installed previously that didn't have this problem and I could see the BIOS just as clear as the OS. Here's a picture of the screen:

Any idea what could be causing it?
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  1. It might be your card or monitor.
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    Try using a different port, like DVI or HDMI or VGA.
  3. Is the BIOS the only place where you have problems with images on screen? There is software, from companies like EVGA that will scan your graphics card for artifacts if there is a problem in that department causing it. Artifacts can be caused by any number of problems but I would check to see if artifacts are the reason for the distorted BIOS first.
  4. zeyuanfu said:
    Try using a different port, like DVI or HDMI or VGA.

    Well, I swapped out the DVI for an HDMI and now it works. Very strange. I would think that if it was a cable issue that the problem would also occur under the OS. Either way, thanks for the suggestion.
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