Recommendations on building a home server

I've decided that I want to build a home server because I'm tired of carrying my portable hard drive around and would like to serve my custom pc, laptop, and htpc.

I game(wow, crysis, BF4, watch dogs), I want to stream my dvd and bluray rips, and I web develop and I'm also learning other languages. I might use photoshop for web projects in the near future.

Any questions or feedback would be awesome! I hope this is enough information to give you guys an idea what I'm doing.
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  1. What's your budget?
  2. I say around 500-800 dollars
  3. OK/ Give me a few minutes and I'll get you a Xeon build. Xeons can be cheap, though.
  4. Awesome thanks!
  5. Best answer
    Would you like LGA 1155 or 2011?
  6. Actually I'm getting you LGA 1155 because 2011 is too expensive, unless you might consider expanding your budget by 200-500$?
  7. 2011
  8. Just a few more minutes...
  9. Here's the build:
    You can remove 1 of the GPUs and 1 of the HDDs to make it cheaper.
    Thanks for the Best Answer!
  10. Sweet, I appreciate it!
  11. No problem. Contact me next time you want a build!
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