Should I upgrade my CPU or my GPU?

My build I need help:
Gigabyte 970
AMD fx 4100 3.4 ghz(Might buy a AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHZ)
1Tb toshiba
8Gb of Ram
and (future purchase)msi R9 270

How many FPS can I get with that on BF4 On ultra?
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    On ultra I don't think your build stands much a chance for getting decent fps sorry to say. Battlefield 4 isn't the most optimized PC port to begin with and just looking at the recommended specs: , I would say your CPU is nowhere near powerful enough and you GPU would probably be OK at best if it had a great cpu to rely on. If you get that new cpu and OC it it may be able to work at a decent framerate. As I think your build would probably work well on mid-high graphical settings but not ultra.
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