Should I upgrade my CPU or GPU?

I have the EVGA GTX 650ti and could upgrade to MSI R9 270

I have a AMD FX 4100 to a AMD FX 4350.

I mostly game and record my games.Which should I upgrade?
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  1. upgrading from gtx 650 ti to r9 270 is good but fx 4100 to 4350 not so much of a difference so if u are upgrading mainly for gaming then oc your processor and upgrade your gpu...
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    The 4350 is just a overclocked 4100, for upgrade using the AM3+ socket you should go for a FX 6300, FX 8320 and so on.
    The 270 will perform better than the 650ti

    The room you have for upgrades is also limited by your motherboard and PSU. I'd upgrade the CPU first as it has the worse performance of the FX family, the 650ti can hang in there for a little longer.
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