Best Valued Graphics Card for 1440x900 gaming?

Alright guys,

whoever is a follower of the components forum knows im looking to build a pc fairly soon.

so I'm looking at a budget of max 150 bucks for a graphics card. may be able to up it to 180, depending on the setup i might use.

currently I have a Core 2 Duo E6850 (powerful enough cpu for me, I play GTA IV EFLC with decent frame rates. What I would need to do to keep this platform is upgrade to a new graphics card and get 4gb ram (50 bucks) and get a new hdd (60 bucks)

looking to expand my system to get a smooth framerate on ultra at 1440x900. Currently I have a Radeon HD 6450. I need an upgrade.

So here's two options. welcome to different opinions. Budget 250.

Keep the E6850
Upgrade to 4gb ddr2 800 - 50
Get a Hyper 212 Plus - 30
Get a 1tb hdd - 60
Get a HD 7770/GTX 650 ti - 105


Get a G3220 - 60
Get a new mobo - 45
Get 8gb ddr3 - 72
get a 1tb hdd - 60
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    well i would upgrade your computer first then get a 1440x900 display if you get that display you might not get good FPS when gaming
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