No overclocking - Corsair VS650 good enough psu?

I have been reading threads about PSU's. Most of the threads that i read say that corsair vs series is not a good enough PSU. The problem is i already bought a Corsair VS650 and Im planning to upgrade my GPU to either ZOTAC GTX 750Ti OC dual fan 2GB GDDR5, MSI GTX 750Ti Gaming Twin Frozr IV OC 2GB GDDR5, or Asus GTX750Ti DirectCUII OC 2GB GDDR5. and can you please tell me which of these video cards is best for my money.
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    That PSU will be fine for a 750 Ti. All three of those cards will have practically the same performance, so I'd just go for whichever brand you prefer or whichever is cheapest.
  2. That PSU is more than enough even when overclocking and i'd say the zotac one is best for the money
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