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I installed a closed loop water cooler the cooler master siedon 120m on pull configuration and when i booted bios it said the cpu temperature 32C but when i got in to windows 7 and loaded AMD over drive it said that the cpu was at 60C. I am overclocking the processor to 3.9GHZ. I want to know what temperature is correct

my pc specs

cpu/ AMD Athlon X4 760k (OC to 3.9GHZ)

Motherboard/ gigabyte ga-fA88X-up4

RAM/ corsair vengeance lp 8gb 1600mhz

power supply/ evgs 600b

also if the write tempature is ok. And when I game playing Just cause 2 the cpu temp goes up to 60C - 68C

Thank you in advance
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    What temperature are you looking at? The CPU temp in monitors like HWMonitor are the motherboard's CPU socket temperature sensor and are usually a whole lot higher than the actual CPU temp sensor which would be under the CORE temp.
  2. I am using hw monitor so is that why the temps my be so high even at idle because it is not the actual cpu temp. Or could it be that i installed the cooler wrong or with to much thermal paste
  3. Too much last could be a problem. It's supposed to be laid on extremely thin. AMD chips have a bigger hest spreader under the die than Intel chips so you need to spread it over the entire surface for best results with AMD. With Intel you can just put a drop in the middle about the size of a grain of rice and when you press the cooler on it spreads out properly.

    The easiest way is to use an old credit card to spread the TIM over the surface as thin as possible.
  4. so I should try to reapply thermal paste because I installed it on the water block.
  5. Well if your temps arent getting any better it wouldnt hurt. Its best to apply the paste to the CPU itself so you know its all covered and of the proper thickness.
  6. Ok I willl try to reapply the thermal paste on the cpu and make sure the cpu water block screws are tight.
    Also I have the fan on a pull configuration is that the best config.
    thank you for all the help.
  7. Ok I reapplied the thermal paste and made the cooler mas mounted probably and it did help by lowering the CPU temperature by 10C
  8. Good deal. And yes on the fans pulling. Axial fans pull much better than they push so having them draw air thru the rad as opposed to pushing air thru it, is gonna give you better results.
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