Does your OS need its own drive?

So I am getting a 1tb HDD but im not sure if I can put everything on it. Should I get a small SSD to house my OS or what. It would suck to get all of my parts for my system and my system not to work so ya. Thanks in advance :)
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  1. you can install the opsys on the HD if that's the way you want to go. that's the way it's been done before the ssd go here.
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    Hi Typoon
    you have a number of options open to you.
    You can install your O.S. and all of your programs etc on the 1tb HDD ( Everything on the one Drive )
    Partition the drive so you have say 200MB for your O.S. on one partition for example and roughly 800mb of free space on another partition for
    all of your storage.
    Or of you require speed for your operating system you could get a SSD for your O.S. and use your 1TB for storage
    Or just use your 1tb for everything then if more space is required later on you could add an external drive for storage later on if you require

    all of these methods will work fine
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