How can I host multiple websites with port 80 on iis on same computer?

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 and I'm hosting a website. But my dad wants me to host his on the Default port as well. How can I do tht? Hosters like godaddy have many external IPs on default port from same machine. Plz help.
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  1. okay but if i port forward again, it wont let me
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    This is not done by the router it is done by the web server itself. You must use a single machine to host both is technically possible to use multiple but the first machine must still take the traffic.

    To make this work you must have multiple domains registered to the same address. so if I have and both registered to The traffic will come to and be port forwarded to your server say Now inside the actually HTTP headers you will actually see the or data strings that the user passes. Most web servers already know how to do this you just need to configure it to work it is not something you have to code yourself. Follow the instructions in the previous post.

    This is why some sites you can open the url by name but you get errors if you key in the IP address directly.
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