Taking 5 Volts for Fan from DVI monitor pinout

Is there any way we can run a full 120 mm case fan for PC by sharing 5 Volts and ground from DVI port, How? and is that all needed to run fan

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  1. 120 mm CPU fans, as far as I know, require 12 V. You can check the sticker on the back of the fan to be sure. I think with only 5 V the fan would either be running really slow or not work at all.
  2. These pins may not be able to supply enough current for a fan.
    The graphics card may also not power these unless a connected monitor is detected.

    If you want to power a fan out side the case, use a fan cable extension and feed it out of an expansion card slot or other hole in the case.
    Bitfenix makes long sheathed cables suitable for this:

    They also have molex to fan adapter cables if you don't have an available 3 pin fan connector in the case.
    These are available in 12V, 7V or 5V which each use different available pins on the molex connector.
  3. But I have a controller board that I used to convert laptop screen into a monitor, and one of the components on it get really hot if not cooled down, for now I can cool it and it works fine, but I need a standalone solution


    I have to share power from controller board, How do I do it?
  4. Credit for the most home built monitor I have ever seen.
    This must be a hobby, as the time taken to do this is much more expensive than just buying a monitor.

    Fans are typically designed to run on 12V.
    You can down volt them for silent operation, but most have a minimum voltage of around 5V.
    At 5V, it may or may not start.

    I notice your controller board has a power input from a plug pack.
    Is this DC 12V?
    If so, could you solder to the pins where this input is soldered to the PCB?
    Alternatively, could you modify the lead from the plug pack to power the fan?
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