7680x1440 Gaming. 780 6gb or 780ti 3gb?

Just wondering what you guys would choose for gaming on triples at 7680x1440, 780 6gb or 780ti 3gb. I'm mainly going to be using it for Assetto Corsa, R3E, pCars when it arrives and also FSX, DCS and BF4. My monitors are only 60hz.

I'd be hoping to have the GPU last a couple of years and I'm a bit concerned if I should buy now or wait for Maxwell with the rumours of them carrying 8gb vram. I don't really want to run SLI at the moment as I'm trying to limit the electricity bills to just below bankruptcy level. Any opinions? Cheers.
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  1. For three 1440p monitors, you'll need all the gfx card power you can muster. The 780 Ti for sure. Maybe a 2nd one if that doesn't produce smooth frame rates.
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    For bf4 at that res you'll want 2-3 780 ti's atleast
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    No body runs 3 x 1440p monitors with a single card... no matter how high end the card is.
  4. I'm currently running Assetto Corsa in triples at 7680x1440 on an iMac late 2013 with a 780m mobile variant with 4bg ram. Getting about 45-55fps with reflections & cube mapping off and AA at x2, AF x4 or 8 depending on track & world detail at medium or high. Thats in fullscreen windowed mode (so I'm taking a vram buffer hit) as the mobile 780 doesn't support 2d Surround.

    I can't gauge how BF4, R3E etc will run as they don't support fullscreen windowed spanning. I know even the GTX780 should give me a 40% odd raw power boost but worried the drop to 3gb will be the limiting factor.

    For the price and power consumption compared to a gtx780 6gb sli I'm considering a an r295x2. I've seen them used for about €1000. I'm neither an ATI or Nvidia fan so I go for whatever is best. Would you rate it for my particular triple setup vs a gtx780sli.

    Thanks for the replies and help guys. Much appreciated.
  5. I'm running Assetto Corsa with two XFX Core edition R9 290's in crossfire at 7680x1440 (three 27" 60Hz monitors). I have changed the setting on the Catalyst 14.7 drivers to allow the R9 290 fan speed to go up to 100% if needed (they get loud!), while keeping the standard clock and 94C max temp settings.

    My PC is a 3570K with 16GB ram on an ASUS Z77 Sabertooth, no overclock.

    While running Assetto Corsa, If I turn of frame rate limits and v-sync, I can get up to ~120fps at times with lower settings for the AA & AF and reflections. But the R9's will go to full fan speed and 100% usage, along with the CPU cores. Also the frame rate will vary enough that it causes some lag on screen.

    If I use v-sync in Assetto Corsa, then I get a constant 60fps and the physics and lag feel much smoother/better.

    I did notice that I use 100% of the ram of the 4GB on the R9 290 (in crossfire).

    If I try to run a race against other cars, then I really have to turn down the detail to get 60fps when other cars are on the screen!
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