Which is the best ATI graphics card that i can install in my Asrock G41M S3 motherboard

I have an Asrock G41M S3 motherboard and i want to know the best ATI graphics card that i can install in my motherboard.I want to do some gaming too.i want to play good games like watchdogs & battlefield 4 in ultra settings.
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  1. What CPU are you using?
  2. oops,forgot to mention that.it's a core 2 quad Q8400 2.66ghz processor
  3. unfortunately in my experience unless you are playing at lowered resolution that CPU will not play BF4 at ultra settings. unless heavily overclocked and even them I am unsure. A decent card like a Radeon Hd 7870 would most likely be sufficient for high settings and most likely be the best you can play on that CPU. BTW you will also need at minimum 6gb ram 8 to be safe as well as decent power supply to even be able to use a good graphics card may I ask for the rest of the specs for your Rig
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