PC won't boot up after installing MSI GTX750 Ti

I've bought a GTX750 Ti to replace my XFX HD5770, however after installing the card my PC fails to boot and doesn't even get as far as the BIOS page. The PC boots fine with the XFX card replaced or with no card. The fans on the GTX 750 Ti spin up ok. I have connected my monitor to the motherboard rather than the graphics card.

MB is ASRock Extreme4 Gen3, PSU is Powercool 850W.

I'm wondering if it might be the PSU as I now realise people think these are rubbish. However, it does claim 26A off the 12V rail and the spec for the GTX750 Ti is 20A. Having said that the XFX card takes power from a separate connector, whereas the GTX750Ti draws all its power from the motherboard. Finally, the PC will boot if the XFX HD5770 is installed, but the ATX cable is disconnected.

Any thoughts?
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    Realised that there were some BIOS updates that I hadn't installed. These had vBIOS improvements and after updating to v2.30 the computer boots up properly and I have installed the nVidia drivers. Time to test it anger!
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