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I just got my R4 yesterday and a couple of new rosewill 140 mm hyperborea fans today. I started messing around with the case and the fans and realized the fan controller in the case only accommodates 3 pin fans. The rosewill fans I got are 4 pin (not molex though). I was planning on putting both of them in the front of the case but I don't think they will reach the motherboard from there.

I could move the two stock fractal fans to the front and put one rosewill for exhaust in the back and another in the bottom for intake.

I welcome any ideas or suggestions on adapters or cords or any suggestions at all for that matter.

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    I recommend using the Rosewills on the front as you planned. The R4 fan control can have issues switching between speeds because of the method used to get the 7V medium setting, and the Fractal fans are quiet, but they don't push much air. Best bet is to pick up some extenders to allow the leads to reach your mobo. If you want to take advantage of the Rosewills' PWM feature, you can use a PWM splitter and connect them to your CPU_fan or CPU_opt fan headers, depending on your motherboard.

    Use the stock fans in the rear and top/rear exhaust positions.
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