Should i buy a graphic card with SLI/Crossfire option? and is there any advantage of that option?

Hello guys, i want to know about should i buy Radeon HD 7790 or Nvidia geforce gtx 750 1gb gddr5 card? i am confused because there is no SLI/Crossfire option in Geforce gtx 750 card but i am getting SLI option in Radeon HD 7790 card. Here is screenshot guys file:///C:/Users/Shubh/Dropbox/Screenshots/Screenshot%202014-07-20%2013.17.32.png
So guys just tell me should i really bother this option or not and what card should i choose in between these cards.
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  1. Actually it is a Crossfire option as it is an AMD card, SLi is for Nvidia cards. :whistle:

    The 7790 is a low end card and not worth Xfiring IMHO.
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    Hi mate, SLI is a property supported by your MOBO rather than card AFAIK. I'm confused though that radeon is offering SLI as their version is Crossfire. Kind of the same thing, different vendor. From what I've read, go with a single more powerful card than 2 less-powerful in SLI/Xfire at the outset.
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