MSI z77 gd65 can't boot after update


My pc ran just fine, and for some reason I was stupid enough to use live update, and install latest drivers for my mobo. Live update downloads and I go to folder to start installation. So it installed from windows and not bios some update for mobo since it told me that I can install it from windows if I want , and now I can't boot my pc. I am not really sure what it was, something for bios I think, firmware fix etc. When pc tries to boot it there is black screen and it says ' Reboot and select proper boot device or insert Boot media in selected Boot device and press key'

I can enter bios though before this black screen.

Any idea how to fix this?
I do have backup but I can access it. There is back up icon in bios, but it says go to windows,lol, and install some application for mobo so that you can use it.

Thank you!
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    when your bios updates it will change to the default settings. your problem seems to be your boot drive is not enabled in bios change the boot priority for the hard drive and it should be good to go.
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