What is the best cpu cooler ?

Hello , I would like to know what is the best cpu cooler for overclocking a I5 4670K
Im not after a heavy Cpu cooler , and im looking around 30 euros ~
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  1. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo. Can be found anywhere from 25 to 30 euro. Best cooler for under 45 bucks. Cheers.
  2. becarefull of the height of the 212 evo cooler .. i have antec 1200 and only have 1cm clearance left... had to take out my side fan too ... also if your your ram too tall ram then cooler might not fit
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    You can adjust the fan placement on the Evo. If the RAM is taller, you can simply place the fan higher. Also, the 212 Evo fan falls few mm behind the first RAM stick (if the RAM stick is not with a fat heatspreader) so you can install the Evo 1st and the RAM 2nd. But this is somewhat motherboard dependent. I have never had any problems on ATX motherboards, but some mATX have the RAM slots few mm closer to the socket.

    Also, what Godto said is true - the Evo is 159mm tall, check how much space does your case have. But anyway, most case manufacturers post Maximum CPU heat sink height" which is few mm below what the case can handle. My HAF 912 has 175.0mm specified, but I have around 40mm to spare from 159mm of the 212 to the case side. I even managed to put the Evo in cases that support 158mm (1mm less than the evo) and it had 5mm to the wall. Hope this helps. Cheers
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