laptop problem need help ASAP!!! bsod and safe mode not working!!!

My lenovo g570 laptop was working fine until I tried to use the lenovo EE boot optimiser (legit made by lenovo) it tried to optimise it but now I get bsod saying that there is a fault in a non paged area. I also suddenly can't boot in safe mode (I have been able to before on the very same laptop) and the windows repair tried 4 times to fix the problem but has failed. The restore point is inaccessible due to it being on a drive that is inaccessible (I strongly think its the c drive). My conclusion is that because of the boot optimiser my windows has a software error that is stopping it from starting up. There's also the possibility that for some reason the c drive is inaccessible. This cannot be a hardware issue as the computer is not old (only maybe 2 years) and the parts are in good condition. My laptop is unneglected and I sit with
Windows 7 home premium x64
Intel core duo i5 quad core
Amd radeon 6390
6 gigs ram
I haven't been doing risky things on my pc like bad websites or tonnes of software downloading. I cleared any viruses on my computer recently so I am very sure if not positive it is the lenovo goo. Any ideas on what I can do? I highly doubt anythings fried. I've done battery pulls and the works.
Please help!!!
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  1. sounds ike it is getting to hot. if its out of warranty open it up and uise some duster or find a goo cooling pad for it. please select best answer when you get a answer you like
  2. Its not a temperature problem. I left the laptop for hours after removing the battery in a cool area. I started up now and I still have exactly the same problem.
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