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Is there any way I can make my RJ-45 port on my printer that is currently connected to the wireless network active for an accessory device that allows air print .... My printer is a Brother HL-2170W and I bought a Lantronix xPrintserver Home Edition .... I know I can get a wireless adaptor for the xPrint server that might work I think but I'm just wondering if in the settings there is a way to make that RJ-45 port a pass through to connect to the network somehow in the settings. Thanks
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  1. Sorry, but that is way too confusing.
  2. I just decided to get another wireless access point with an RJ-45 $25 to link to my wifi printer to my xPrint server to my wireless network. I just wish the Lantronix xPrintserver had wireless capability. BTW the xPrintserver is to make my printer available to use with her iPhone via AirPrint.

    I know why does all this crap have to be sooo confusing. Wifi, bluetooth, & airprint all tied together on one network. Are we all going to get some rare form of cancer from this one day. lol
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