My computer shut down while performing upgrades and wont start up after, the power button is on and the cd rom tray open

Hello everybody...hope anyone can help me, my computer is an hp brand new (open box) I bought, and after only two weeks it started acting up weird, for some reason I was updating iTunes and upgrading to windows 8.1 and when I pressed the re-start to complete the upgrades, my computer shut down and did not start up again...the power button is light up white like if it was on (yellow means asleep) the cd rom opens and closes and the light in the front of the case is on as well but my monitor shows blank; I try turning it off and back on and nothing, all lights on but no images on my screen, I tried pressing "Esc", f8, f10, "erase" and even sit a dvd on the tray to see if it plays it and nothing!!! Please help! Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Ps: my computer is an HP h8-1534pc and already passed the 2 weeks return policy so I cannot take it back to the store (Best Buy) THANK YOU AGAIN!!!
Update: My pc just started on after I unplugged it from the surge protector, which now has me scratching my head...please a comment on what just happened and how can I correct it so it won't happen again. Thanks so much again and have a blessed day everyone
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  1. The updates may have broken something in the process but it might have just fixed itself.
    Make sure there are no faulty sockets etc. (Electronic safe basically)

    If it happens again just hold the power button and see if the light turns off then turn it back on. If not then repeat what you did and it should be okay but call them up and tell you to send another one because it may have a faulty part if it happens reoccuringly.
  2. Use your HP recovery disk
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