Intel Core i5 3570k upgrade to i7 4790k?


Just a quick question that would be great if anyone could answer, I am looking to upgrade CPU as it seems watch dogs is struggling on my I5 processor with max details, Would upgrading to the i7 4790k be worth it to over clock it to like 4.6ghz??

The processor I have is the it 3570k which is over clocked to 4.2ghz but I am not sure if this is going to be a set back on newer titles such as GTA 5, far cry 4 etc.?

Many Thanks.
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  1. 4.6 MHz is a substantial overclock and there's no guarantee that you'll reach that. YOu will have to replace your motherboard (new ppin layout) and probably upgrade your cooler. Did you investigate if it is not your video card that's causing the bottleneck? Seems more likely than that a still-great CPU is the cause of your woes.
  2. I have the 780ti so I should presume that should not be a problem?
  3. That's also a great video card. If it was my rig I'd be thinking there's like 18 months to 2 years' life in it. :)
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    playing watch dogs 1440p all settings max (no aa, dof ,blur) with i5 3570k @ 4.4GHz + msi 780 Total cpu usage 80-90% (all cores), Gpu usage 98%
    had 55 fps at city

    With the worse mod total cpu usage around 70-85%, 50 fps.

    With crysis 3 total cpu usage was most of the time 90-98%, 40-60 fps.

    Just make sure before upgrade that the cpu is fully used and fps is not limited by gpu being used 99%.
    I dont think those upcoming games will look anything as good as crysis 3 thou and will probably still need more gpu power than cpu.

    For seeing that cpu and gpu usage in game i recommend using rivatuner statics server + hwinfo to make in game overlay.
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