PSU going bad?

So about a week ago, I was typing a solution here on Tom's and my computer just shuts off.. reboots instantly into safe boot prompt. Booted normally and it hasn't happened again.

I did notice that the video card was really the only thing that noticeably shut off, everything kept on except for the GPU. Not a stutter in fan speed.

So how do I go about finding the cause of that reboot?
I've stress tested CPU and GPU, looking into memtest86 to test the RAM.

-FX-8350 cooled by H100i
-Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2
-Sapphire R9 270X toxic
-G.skill sniper ddr3 1866
-Thermaltake 850W Smart M series
-Corsair 600T case
-Samsung 128Gb Evo SSD
-Seagate 1000GB HDD
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  1. The only component that I really lack confidence in is the PSU.
  2. Do you have a safe overclock?

    Stress test with occt.

    I might suspect the psu or the graphics card.
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    I agree Thermaltake makes horrible supplies.
    REPLACE it.
  4. Currently running at stock core speed with voltages bumped just a tad, was seeing some failures with prime95 at stock..

    I'm already looking for a new PSU. Have the AX860 in my sights due to it's fully modular design, worried about the fan though. Spinning only under load it may provide extra noise.

    any suggestions?
  5. EVGA 850 G2
  6. On it's way.
    as well as the red sleeved cables :D

    Thank you Gentlemen.
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