Fx-6300 first oc with cm hyper 212 evo

Opinions about the OC which i made today? Was running Prime95 about an hour, but gonna do 3-6 hours stress test later. Vcore volts was stock." class="img lazy">
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  1. Looking perfectly normal to me chap'. Very nice overclock.
    You're about 10c away from the recommended thermal limit for FX chips, so that gives you a little bit more headroom depending on how far you can push the volts.

    I must say I'm impressed you managed to get to that frequency on the stock volts.
    Was that using the Small FFT test btw?
  2. Yes was using small FTT
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    Actually, the recommended fail safe temperatures for FX-6300 is only about 63C core temp and 70C package temp. So you're really quite close. But since your computer won't reach anywhere near 100% in real life application I suspect you should be just fine.

    But yes, I agree with Distello.
    Nice OC indeed. That chip is a keeper.
  4. Yep, 62C is generally the red line you dont want to cross with temps for a FX chip. You also seem to have a golden chip seeing as itll do 4.2 at only 1.3V.

    Id suggest using OCCT for your stress testing instead. Prime95 works but seems to be a little weird lately with FX chips and even some of the new Devil's Canyon chips.

    Id start inching up the multiplier one notch at a time until you fail either your stress tester or you hit 62C under load.

    FX chips have a voltage wall they all seem to hit. Theyll cruise on up pretty good without having to touch the voltage and then smack into that wall and youll need a ton more juice just to increase 100 MHz.
  5. Ill try to get it going 4,5 ghz with stock volts. Should I also put fsb little up to achieve that or just pumping multiplier?.Ill try also the Occt instead of prime. I think temps around 50 is good for daily usage.
  6. Playing with the fsb will give better core performance. You may have to adjust a few voltages when fiddling with the front side bus though.
  7. There is no benefit to increasing FSB over multiplier. It'll put more stress on your motherboard and any worth it. It may tick a couple benchmark graphs up a little but it's nothing that you'll notice in real world use.

    Don't be afraid to set the voltage a little higher too. As long as you're under the 62C during stress testing, it's fine. It's not so much voltage that's dangerous (to a point) as it is heat.
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