(Need Help Fast) Choosing the Right PSU

Hello.Im going to use i7 2600 and R9 290 for my itx build but idk what PSU to choose within my budget.All that i found is between these 2 = Corsair VS550 500W PSU and Zalman ZM600-LX 600W PSU

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  1. Corsair! Good luck!
  2. That Corsair and Zalman are both poor.
  3. Seasonic , XFX.
  4. Seasonic and XFX are not available in my country :(
  5. Go with Corsair then , Zalman isn't well known for PSU's.
  6. and ive change to use GTX 680 or R9 280X
  7. Best answer
    Get a VS650
  8. I'll try to find it at good price
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