XFX R9 280 & AMD Eyefinity together?

For my upcoming build I am going to be running an XFX Radeon 280 3GB, and I'm also going to be buying 3 BenQ EW2440L 24" Monitors.

I'm extremely confused about the whole display port adaption and things needed aspect of AMD Eyefinity.

The XFX has:
- 2 DVI-I Dual-Link
- 1 Mini-Display Port

So I have two questions:

1. Is it possible with this GPU & these monitors to run Eyefinity
2. could someone list the necessary adaptors/converters needed?

Thanks in advance for all answers!

GPU Link:

Monitors Link:
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  1. Your monitors don't have a DVI, only VGA (sorta bleck nowadays for 1080p and eyefinity) or HDMI.

    Yes you do have use a displayport for 1 of the monitors for eyefinity.

    so you would need a activedisplayport to hdmi convertor
    and a dvi to hdmi convertor

    then you coudl hook up all 3 monitors via hdmi and have eyefinity.

    are you planning on using this for gaming though, cause a 280 isn't really up to driving 3 monitors for gaming.
  2. I was actually going to change it, I thought I would at least get an answer for the monitors and card instead of having to do it later, that way in the future I can figure it out myself. Do you have any GPU Recommendations as well?

    Preferably in the same price range of the xfx or slighty higher.
  3. not sure what xfx model you are looking at, or what price you are looking at. give a price point, although gaming on 3 monitors requires some power, probably more than you can afford if you want to stay in the 280 price range.

    maybe consider getting 1 nice monitor instead, either a super-wide screen or 4k monitor or 1440p. any multi-monitor system requires a lot of desktop space, bezels get in the way, everything has to be synced great or you get tearing across the screens, and it requires a lot of power, and not all games support it fully.
  4. Well the original GPU is £153.59, and I'm not necessarily looking for an XFX model either.

    The bezels on the BenQ are pretty thin, and no, not like AOC 'Ultra thin advertising' but huge ass bezel in real life kinda thin. So I don't think that will be a major problem.

    But if you think so, I'll trust you. Thank you very much!

    (But if you can recommend a good card/decent, go ahead)
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    It's up to you, I'm just not a fan of multi-monitors for gaming. I rather have 1 nice screen. For audio/photo/programming work, multi-monitors rock. Comes down if you will use them for anything other than gaming.
  6. That's actually one of the reason I was going for it as well, I do a fair amount of photo editing and such, so I thought as well as some casual gaming, 3 monitors would also be a good move.

    Thank you very much, I'm really glad you were this helpful. I'll be sure to look into some new cards as well.
  7. If you are going for more multi-use and bit of casual gaming, then it may be a decent option, just try for maybe a 280x or 290 or whatever best video card you could afford.
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