intel i5-4670k stock cooler high temperature?

Hello, I have just recently purchased intel i5-4670k and motherboard asus z97-k.
I was just wondering what the normal temperature of this processor is. I have been getting around 43°C while not doing anything, but that is not really the number which worries me.
I tried running prime95,which I have seen being recommended a lot on this forum, and the temperatures returned after doing "blend" test were very high going over 85°C and reaching climax at 91°C.
I made sure i have connected stock cooler correctly. Should I consider getting a new cooler or is it maybe something wrong with the processor ?
Also it is worth noting that I am using an old computer case and can it be the reason for these temperatures?
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    With the stock cooler, those are about average temps for the Haswell chip. If you're not sure why you're running Prime95, there's a good chance you don't need to. If you are going to run it, you should get a good aftermarket cooler. I would recommend an aftermarket cooler anyway - it will improve the CPUs performance and extend it's usable lifetime. Computer parts like to be cool.
  2. Thanks for the straight-forward answer.
  3. Don't take my comment about Prime95 the wrong way - the reason I say it with such confidence is that I did the exact same thing :)

    If you're going to get into overclocking (which from your chip and mobo selection, I'm guessing you are) you'll probably be running Prime95 pretty regularly to check your OC stability, but before you do make sure you read up on the how's and the why's first (and get a good cooler!) so you can learn from other people's mistakes and avoid frying your chip. That's an expensive lesson, best avoided at first hand, lol.
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