Is the stock cooler for the AMD FX-8350 good enough for overclocking?

What frequencies is it safest to use the stock cooler for? If I should buy a new cooler, are the Hyper 212 EVO/+ series good enough?
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    Yes, get a Hyper Evo 212, the stock cooler isn't good for OCing, it's barely good enough for stock speeds without getting loud and near thermal limits.
  2. Nope. Even with a golden chip it's a shockingly terrible heatsink.
    It comes borderline to the limit, if not over it just at stock.

    Depending on your chip you may need something more substantial than the CM 212 EVO, it's a fairly good budget cooler but the 8350 spits out some major heat.
    I'm running mine with a H80i for example, and give or take about 2-4c during a long stress test I'm near enough to the thermal limit with just a minor .4GHz overclock.

    This is technically on stock volts, although the LLC is calibrated to go over slightly for stability sakes. (That'll be by about .02v).
    Then again, it is bizarrely warm in the UK at the moment (Despite the thunderstorms).

    The 212 will give you, hopefully, a decent overclock. I believe I got unlucky with my chip.
    If you want to go for something higher a larger heatsink is pretty much a must.
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