Overheating with my core 2 duo E8600

i am having trouble with the core 2 e8600 and heat on my asus p5n-d. i had the hyper n520, and changed to the 212 evo to get cooler temps and nothing has changed,
prime 95 geting temps in the high 70's c to low 80's c, room temps 75 F,
i did the drop in the middle with artic 5, i did the line across the middle of the cpu, and did it with spread very thin layer, still get the same temps,
im a big time fan of youtube videos for answers, but can't seem to get the idle temps under 50 c,. when gaming my temps hit up in the low 70's c,
just bought the e8600 from ebay, { i was running the pentium E6700. idle temps with that were 44c)

E8600, when it is overclocked to 4 ghz temps don't change much, just wonder if it is just a hot cpu,

mb temps 30c idle 40c load.
in bios, vcore set at 1.3v, its reading in bios hardware monitor as 1.2, NB 1.3v SB auto others at auto as well, memory 5-5-5-15 2clocks duel channel 6400D2K2/4G, 1.85v case is NZXT LEXA S, with 6 fans all together
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    Those sound like normal temps for an Intel CPU.
  2. is it, i keep reading how all these ppl keep geting these low temps , i would be happy if i could keep it in the high 60's c under load, after the 212 EVO im afraid to buy water cooling , don't know if it would change much, im talking the all in one water cooling on my budget,
    Just wonder if a different mb would change any thing, thinking about the striker II formula, or if the bios after all these years work better on the asus p5n-t,
  3. Not solved , don't know why i hit that, lol
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