What is the difference between DDR2 1066 RAM and it lower speeds?

Sorry for posting twice in quick succession but I felt this question was different than the one in my other post. What is the difference between 1066 DDR2 Ram and it's slower speeds as I am having trouble finding 1066 RAM at a reasonable price as many of the other speeds I can find for relatively cheaply. Also can someone please confirm the reliability of this RAM: as I have never seen DDR2 Ram this cheap before which excites me and scares me as 8 gigs is alot but the company it's coming from doesn't seem very reliable....
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  1. NVM just realized my motherboard doesn't support fully buffered RAM :( still I would like to know the difference between the different RAM speeds
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    They're different speed, not sure what else to say. It's just that simple. Your cpu has a stock fsb speed so getting anything higher is useless unless you oc. But ram speed has next to 0 affect in most cases. Since you're looking for ddr2, I'll say not to get it as the system is probably long obsolete and isn't worth spending any money on.
  3. I agree too bad I really don't have enough money right now to just go out and buy a new machine... It's either $25 or $300+. Anyways I don't normally bother overclocking my RAM so I guess the speed doesn't really matter. Thanks for the information I guess.
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