Critic my first custom gaming PC build!

So this is the first PC I have ever built. The parts are here:

EDIT: has the 4690k and Z97-A

I am probably mainly using it for gaming on a 1080p monitor at the highest graphics settings. I don't plan to initially to OC since I am a beginner, but do my parts (i.e. good enough PSU) have the capability for OC later down the road?

I am also hoping to build this around ~$1k, so are there anything I can gimp on in my above build?

Finally, I am planning to build this PC near mid August. Are there any parts that I should wait on so that it will be cheaper at that time?

Thanks for all the help!
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  1. Check the prices of the 4690K and a Z97 motherboard . They are the updated parts so use them if you can
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    You should do as outlander said and see if you can get the 4690k. If you can I would recommend the ASUS z97-a mobo with it. However, CPU choice aside, this is a very nice build. It will have no problem maxing out games at 1980x1080 res
  3. you need a ssd for that and you'll be all set
  4. techtechie said:
    you need a ssd for that and you'll be all set

    An SSD is not a requirement...
  5. DroneDroneDrone said:
    techtechie said:
    you need a ssd for that and you'll be all set

    An SSD is not a requirement...

    you can have the best cpu the best gpu and the fastest ram but you'd be bottle necked if your running your operating system on a conventional spinner. the speed they offer vs. the hdd is out of this world
  6. I think it's all about personal preference. As for me all an SSD will do is faster boot times, but I can wait for those. And I mostly play multiplayer games, and you have to wait for everyone to get loaded anyways. It's all personal preference.
  7. a ssd adds speed to your system all around. quick boot times is just the most common thing people use to brag about ssd's speed
  8. Yeah, but as I said. It's all personal preference. I can wait for boot times. I would get an smASD later in the future. It can always be added, but yeah as I've said, personal preference. I'm in no way trying to say an SSD is bad/waste of money, just saying my opinion.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I don't think I will get an SSD since it will add more cost to my build, and I mainly play multiplayer FPSs anyway, so loading times will not be an issue.

    Also, is 4690k and Z97 worth the extra ~$50? Is this just a good investment for overclocking in the future, or does it have some benefits for non-OC beginners like me right now?
  10. Worth it, just for the upgrade options.
  11. Depends on you, the i5 4670k with the z87 will overclock. It's just that the 4690 is newer and for not that much.
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I got the 4690k with the Z97 and surprisingly saved a few bucks since I chose the Z97-A version over the Z87-Pro. I have updated my build in the OP.

    Also, I don't think my new Z97-A mobo has Wi-Fi capabilities. It is very difficult for me to get a wired connection since I will need to drill a hole in a room (not sure if the landlord likes that...) Are there any good, cheap Wi-Fi adapters that you guys can suggest?

    Does anyone else have any suggestions or comments? It's my first build, so my finger gets a bit nervous as I get near the "Buy" button lol...

    Thanks again!
  13. Depend's if you want an internal one

    or a USB one

    Both support 802.11 b, g or n, at a max of 150 Mbps for the second and unknown for the first
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