pc locking up with every web browser. .

Installed windows 8. 1 every web browser I try locks pc up to the point I have to reboot even seeing a youtube video for mabe even 10 min it just freezes then I cant even move mouse or hit task bar motherboard is a sabertooth fx990 ram 4 gigs gpu is gtx 750 Ti 600 psu ...programs installed are asus suite for temp oncpu n fans ....try updating drivers still same problem...please help....
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  1. Does this only happen with web browsers?

    Also, if it's a brand new win 8.1 install, have you made sure all important windows updates are installed?

    If it's yes to both of those, full AV/malware scan would be the best place to start
  2. Only happens on web and youtube have scan with avast n malwarebytes both results come back clean ....all I have install is asus suite.. locking up happens 20 min to 25 then the whole pc locks cant even move mouse or anything
  3. how about windows updates? up to date?

    might be worth uninstalling/re-installing browser plugins (java/flash)
  4. I went into firefox safe mode and it still lock up even if I try highlight something or see videos it lock up windows is updated will keep u updated
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