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Hello everyone, I'll try to be brief. I want to build a pc, the purpose of it is for gaming. At the moment I game using my brothers pc when he isn't home. I intend on playing intense games like bf4 and crysis. Also, I play a lot of league of legends and other games. When I play I almost always am in a Skype call (most of the time I host for about 5 people if that matters). I'm getting a job and I have to finance this computer myself. I'm a boy with an anxiety disorder that causes me to over think and is making it hard for me to feel that the build I have in mind is what I need and I have idea if the parts will even fit in the case lol. Hearing from people and getting their opinions would be a blessing.

Now onto the build. I have a monitor already (1900x1080) so I don't need one. Also, I have a family friend who will put the OS on so I don't require that either. I prefer amd over Intel. To be honest with you all I am a complete beginner at computer building.

Also to clarify, the keyboard and mouse I have are only temporary, as I want to he able to play in a shorter amount of time. They'll definitely be upgraded in the future.

The build:

To conclude, thanks ahead for everyone time and I look forward to hear from people who know better!
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  1. Really nice build :) will max out most games with no issues. One thing I'd like to say is that you don't need a water cooler unless your OCing to the EXTREME. A hyper 212 evo/plus will do fine for a good OC. Your RAM could be better as well.
  2. As already recommended, you could go for an CM 212 Evo if you don`t plan on extreme OC, and put the difference for an R9 280x, or maybe go a bit higher and check if you can get an aftermarker R9 290 (non-x).
    The rest looks good, but i f you`ll go for a 212 Evo, get a different RAM (word doesn`t come to mind, but not a tall one like you have selected) in order to have a bit of clearance between the cooler and the RAM.
  3. I actually meant to have a 280x to tell you the truth. This website has so many random names for the same thing I guess I clicked the wrong one haha. Is this an improvement?
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    The GPU is good. Just go for low profile RAM sticks in order to avoid clearance problems with the cooler (che cooler will be a bit over the RAM sticks, and you might have a problem there), and maybe check a 650W PSU, just to have some headroom for some slight OC if need be in the future.

    In my build I have an i5 4670k and R9 280x, and I went for a 750W just to be in the clear.
    For RAM I used some Kingston HyperX Grey 2x4Gb (didn`t care about the looks) just to make sure I will not have problems with the cooler.
  5. It looks like a great build. Personally I would probably swap out the FX-8320 for a FX-6300 because anything over 4 cores overkill and use the money to get a full atx tower. I have had a 212 Evo is a great choice for this build vs liquid cooling, but having had one they are very large which is another reason to upgrade to a full atx tower, also should you decide to upgrade your system later on and sli or liquid cool things you'll be glad you went full atx. Lastly I have had G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600, and 1 went dead on me after 2 months, so I don't recommend them, mind you that's just 1 set, but it's all the experience I have with them. Great job for a first time build and best of luck.
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