Brand new graphics card, low pitched squeal

Hi there,

I have recently naught a saphire r9 280x, whilst benchmarking and playing games on it last night, I noticed a low pitched squeal, should I use my warranty, is this bad, I think but don't know for sure that it's a coil or capacitor squeal
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    If it bothers you then I am fairly sure that you can RMA based off coil whine. Contact who ever you bought it off to see if they'll allow it.

    Sometimes coil whine disappears when you use a different PSU - if you have one about it might fix the problem.
  2. Is the whine bad for the card though?
  3. I am not 100% sure but I am fairly sure that there is very rarely any negative side affects to coil whine other than the whine itself. But I would still advice playing it safe and asking for a replacement.
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