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i wanted to know if i can upgrade the psu in lenovo m57p , i want to do this cuz i don't know if the 280w psu i have will be able to power up the nvidia 730 GDDR5 im getting
The inside of the pc i have looks exactly like this
and i think this is how the power supply looks

btw how to delete a post since ive made one in the gpu sector so i want to delete it
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  1. A GeForce GTX 730 NEEDS 20 amps on the 12v rail and a 300 watt power supply.

    I would save your money that setup isn't worth upgrading.
  2. You can replace the PSU in any desktop PC. your current one is on the borderline of "just enough" to power a GT 730, the manufacturer recommends a 300w minimum. In any case, factory-fitted PSUs are typically low-cost, low-end units and should be replaced with something more robust and durable because when a PSU fails it can effectively "kill" a shiny new graphics card as well as other components.

    You can't delete a post unless you accidentally posted a duplicate in the same forum. Otherwise, only admin can delete them.
  3. will that psu not be able to powerup the gt730 , i have a g210 and i can run it okey even if it say it needs a 300w i even overclocked it without problems
    and can i change the psu if i change my pc case to another to have more space?
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    As long as it will fit it should be able to power it.

    PSU upgrades with those types of power supplies are too limited.
  5. i hope it can , and what does 20 amps on the 12v rail mean cuz i dunno if the psu have this , i know little about psu anyway so even if i change case it will be hard to upgrade the psu?
    Rails ^

    Upgrading these SFF TYPE pre-builts is a waste of money , the card upgrade will be fine but don't put more money into it.
  7. Im only getting this card since in the future im gonna build another pc sincei know the one i have is shit and where i live the best gpu i can get is the 610 and at the price of 150$ that is crazy since i know it is a low end gpu
    im gonna use this gpu in the build im gonna make but i wanted to try to play a little with it on the pc i have right now anyway
    Thanks for the help and have a good day
  8. Glad to help!
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