Which laptop is better: 1st generation Intel Core i5 Samsung or a 4th generation Intel Core i3 Acer

I'm finally buying a new laptop after swiping a Black Friday deal for half price 8 years ago. I've recently brushed up on my knowledge of basic computer specs and what capabilities/properties I am willing to settle for in my price range. For $400-$600, I can count on an i3 or i5 cpu, 1.8-2.4 GHZ, but I'm stuck with a 5400 rpm HDD instead of a solid state and a low to mid range GPU. I've waited long enough so I'm going to buy what I can afford. I'm interested in the Samsung q430-jsb1us; I like everything about it incl. the fact that it runs on Windows 7, but it's a 1st generation so no trial and error on that model yet..I have a novice idea of what is good and what isn't, but at half a day of computer recon I'm still just a noob
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  1. 4th core i3 will be better than a first generation i5
  2. Amdlova said:
    4th core i3 will be better than a first generation i5


    This is more true on laptops, as the i5 in most laptops is dual core, rather than the quads in desktops.
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    4th Gen Core i3 is better that 1st gen core i5.. you'll get better performance, better battery performance and better graphics.
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