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i recently got a computer from a garage sale i put ram in it and checked all the connections the power button did not work so i had to basically hotwire it so it starts by touching 2 wires together after it started from my garage i turned it off and unplugged it then moved it to the next room and i plugged it in the 3 fans started spinning but it did not display anything on the screen so i check it every thing was in working order but i basically gave up on it i recently have been working on it more and the fans start up fine when the power outlet plug thing is unplugged (the 4 prong square to the upper left of where the cpu goes) when i plug it into there and touch the correct wire to its ground nothing happens but when i first tried it again with that processor the fans spun but i smelt burning i immediately turned it off and then i found that 2 pins were broken so i belive that the processor is done but even with no processor in it still wont power up do i need a new processor or what please help
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  1. First, to help all of us read your post, try changing your run-on sentence into separate sentences with punctuation.

    It sounds like you have a motherboard problem. You likely have one or more blown capacitors on that motherboard, or some other electrical component has died.

    Just recycle it & move on to your next project.
  2. Hang on while I research the contact information for your nearest e-waste recycling facility. :P
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    I don't mean to sound harsh - please do not misunderstand. However crossing wires about may not be the best thing to do in order to test if a garage sale computer is working correctly.

    First - try to isolate the issue or at least a single component. Test, verify, replace or move on. I would start with the PSU - fairly simple.

    Next ensure a speaker is connected to the MB so you can hear any beep paterns - based on your MB - these can be quite helpful.

    power on the computer and see if video comes - if not - look into the video. You may also want to reset the bios at this stage - but it is a bit early for that.

    Also - limit the memory to a single stick - just in case something bad occurs.

    To the point of blown capacitors - it is very likely - look for bulged caps. If you find them - recycle and move on. The CPU is likely still good.

    Good luck.
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