Can I install an Amd Turion X2 64 Rm - 70 on a Toshiba L505D-SP6983R?

Hi, I want to install an AMD Turion X2 64 Rm - 70 on a Toshiba L505D-SP6983R.

The original processor was an AMD Turion X2 64 Rm - 74
The board is named V000185220 Rev 1.10
According to my investigation this board accept S1G2 processors, and should accept the RM - 70. But, I am not so confident when dealing with laptop hardware. I am more confident with desktop hardware.
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    Should work with out an issue. The 70 is a slower version of the 74 and use the same S1G2 Socket. The question is. Why go with a slower CPU?
  2. Yes. My original CPU (RM-74) died some days ago. I have problems finding the exact CPU but I found the RM-70 at a good price. I asked official service to sell me the RM-74 but they told me that they do not sell individual parts, this lap is no more under warranty and they charge me for servicing it. As I feel capable to do the replacement myself I'm started to look for a compatible CPU and the RM-70 was the one I found. I work with this lap and need it now, I can take my time to find a better CPU latter.
  3. yea the RM-70 should work. Same exact CPU just 200 MHZ Slower
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