is it better to get 2 ssd and put them in raid or one big ssd

so im looking around for ssd's with a £200 to spend. i have come across a few that seem good. but im stuck weaher to get 2x 240gb and run them in a raid config or just one 480gb? i dont know a great lot on raid just that its faster to put 2 ssd together than separate ones.

for eg
1 of these

or 2 of these

my motherboard is a asrock extreme 4 with 4 sata 3, 6gb ports.

also if you know any good ssd that are good price to performance to storage.
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    don't use raid 0, all you do is increase your chance of total data loss. And the other raids modes are not really intended for ssd cards, or are just not appropriate.
    With an ssd your always better with one big drive.
  2. Plus not all SSD + Motherboard combos will support TRIM with RAID.
  3. so im better of just getting 1 ssd, but do you recommend me getting a small 60gb ssd for my os and a few programs, then a bigger one for everything else important. then finally use my old hdd just for random/ barly used stuff?
  4. no ;)
    buy the biggest ssd you can afford: that will hold your os, most apps, any big AAA games you want to play and ur swap file (ignore anyone telling you it will ware your drive out too quick).
    Then use a mechanical hdd for big storage. Keep it simple. Job done.
  5. I don't recomend a 60G SSD as it's too small. Some programs refuse to install anywhere but the OS drive. Also years worth of windows updates will get installed to the OS drive. I'd go 128G minimum for the OS SSD.
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