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I'm looking for a nice gaming notebook that can last me for maybe 2 or more years. I've been looking at this one: http:// and it looks good to me, but if there's anything cheaper and has around the same specs as this one, I'd be glad to hear. Preffered Nvidia GPU w/ i7 processor and 600gb+ storage. Fan noise is ok, as long as it doesn't overheat. Will prefer to buy from MSI or Samsung. My budget is $1000-$1800, and I can buy from Amazon if it's available and cheaper there. Thank you for the help in advance and sorry if I left anything out, please call me out on it if I did.
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    For the performance and price, I think the GT70 is a great choice, especially with the GTX 870M. Reviews from Amazon are generally positive ( and it sits directly in your price range.

    You can check out the ASUS Rog ( It's not a cheaper option, but it's a quality purchase and they're a handful of happy customers.

    If you want to customize your GT70 or any other MSI gaming laptop, check out our customized selection (! Use BOXBOX5 for 5% off purchases of $1,299 or more plus free shipping.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or wanted to look into other brands. I could suggest some from Acer/ASUS/Lenovo. :)
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