which gaming laptop!!!???

i have decided to get a gaming laptop and i cant get my head around which one so here is a couple of gaming laptops i have taken into consideration i have taken consideration of cyberpower pc { i7 810mq gtx 870m 6 gb and price $1650 keep in mind however only one single fan could throttle i dont know] next is the eurocom x3 keep in mind eurocom is clevo { i7 4700hq gtx 780m 4 gb $2000} next is nother eurocom x3 but it has a amd radeon 8970m $ 1800 next is the alineware m17x r5 { i7 4710mq amd r9 m290x $2100} next lenovo idea pad { gt 755m sli 4 gb i7 4700hq $1170} msi gs 60 {gtx 860m i7 4700hq $1750} ext msi ge70 { gtx 860m i7 4700hq $ 1500} next another lenovo only difference is gtx 860m single and lastly a msi gt60 { gtx 870m 3 gb i7 4700hq } sorry for the long list but any help would be great thx!!! and sorry for bad english
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