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Hello, first post here. I recently just bought the i7 4770k, MSi Z97 Gaming 7 Mobo. I use the Corsair H75 for cooling. I did some research and didn't know much about overclocking but from what I read I increased my voltage to 1.21v and multiplier to 42. So at the moment i'm running @ 4.2ghz with idle temps at 33c with my usual load (CS:GO, LoL) being at 50-53c. Are those temps okay? I think I might just be paranoid but I just wanted to make sure. I ran prime95 for 6-8 hours with nothing wrong and temps reaching 58c? That kind of sketched me out. Any kind of input would be appreciated! Thank you. Below are full specs if it helps anything out.

Antec 300 (2 front 120mm fans, 1 side 120mm, 2 exhaust (top & rear))
i7 4770k
Corsair H75
MSI Z97 Gaming 7 Mobo
8GB G.Skill Ripjaw Series
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    Yes, good temps. I like to get as high an OC as I can on just the multiplier alone. Only touch the voltage if my goal is close at hand and can't reach it any other way. But you are fine.
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