What should I Upgrade?

Hey guys I recently got some money and I want to upgrade my rig.
What should be upgraded?

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($239.99 @ Newegg)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 7 ATX LGA1150 Motherboard ($175.91 @ Newegg)
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory ($92.99 @ Amazon)
Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive ($80.99 @ NCIX US)
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($88.97 @ OutletPC)
Video Card: Asus GeForce GTX 760 2GB DirectCU II Video Card ($229.99 @ Micro Center)
Case: Corsair 760T Black ATX Full Tower Case ($139.99 @ NCIX US)
Power Supply: Corsair Builder 750W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply ($69.99 @ NCIX US)
Optical Drive: Asus BW-12B1ST/BLK/G/AS Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer ($49.99 @ Newegg)
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 - 64-bit (OEM) (64-bit) ($95.98 @ OutletPC)
Wireless Network Adapter: TP-Link TL-WDN4800 802.11a/b/g/n PCI-Express x1 Wi-Fi Adapter ($34.99 @ Micro Center)
Total: $1274.78
Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
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  1. If that is your current rig...there really ins't much to upgrade outside of perhaps a better graphics card or a larger SSD if you need the space.
  2. How much money do you have to upgrade?
    To be honest, your rig is already pretty solid and balanced and I see little reason to upgrade a part and just unbalance it, it's already going to perform quite well, what do you want to see better performance in?
  3. Upgrade the poor power supply,
  4. Thanks for the feed back I am probably going to swap out the psu with something better and add some custom sleeved cables :)
    Anyone no any good psu's and sleeved cables?
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    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    Power Supply: EVGA 750W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular ATX Power Supply ($79.99 @ Newegg)
    Total: $79.99
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
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    Sleeved cables ^
  6. if only their prices on sleeved cables wasn't high...the stock cables on the supernova feel somewhat cheapy.
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