Will a Hyper 212 Evo/Plus fit my case?

I've been having this issue of not being able to detect my fan speeds for my CPU cooler, and I need to replace it anyway because when you're a gamer a stock cooler simply isn't good enough usually. (I hit 75C when I was running Crysis 2 maxed out on my 750K), and the cooler sometimes starts speeding up and then back down every few moments during a long session on gaming.

Anyway, my case is an AZZA CSAZ-206, and I need a new cooler for the above reasons. I am on a budget, plus I'm cheap as hell sometimes, so I thought a Hyper 212 of some kind would do, but I am no good with math/measurements. Any recommendations for a different cooler within like 35 bucks that fits an FM2/FM2+ socket are also welcome.
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    According to PcPartPicker it is compatible, though I would recommend the Enermax ETS-T40 over the 212 Evo:
  2. this is your case the evo need 160 mm and this case have 200 mm but i would check the motherboard for the 1 ram slot the fan could be over it and you may need to get low profile ram module .
  3. My ram is already pretty low profile (no heat spreader, basically just 3 plain sticks, 2GB each). I think I will go with that Enermax, lots of good reviews.
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