New computer suddenly turns off, won't start back up.

My new computer has been working for about a month now. However today it suddenly shut off and will not start back up. I can not test a different PSU because this is my first build and i have not upgraded. I do not believe the problem is a virus because i run scan daily, here is a link to my PC build
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    1. Unplug the power cable
    2. press power button to drain capacitors of power
    3. press and hold power button
    4. plug power cable back in while still holding the power button down

    this has work for me when just pressing the power button did not work. Hope it works for you.
  2. Doing all this while the PSU is on or off?
  3. Ok, obviously off, since the first thing he said to do was unplug the power cable. Or if you're referring to the on off switch located ON the PSU, I'd think it would have to be in the on positon in order to allow the capacitors to drain.
  4. Mangamer said:
    Doing all this while the PSU is on or off?

    As Darkbreeze said, the computer will be off since you need to unplug the power. But if you are referring to the power supply switch, it needs to be in the ON position for power to return immediately after plugging the power cable back in.
  5. You also need to check and see if the fan on the PSU is running when you power up the system. If it's not running or running very slowly then it might be shutting itself off due to thermal problems or if it doesn't come on at all, well then it's likely dead.
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